The Bristol Valley Star

The Bristol Star is a donation to the Town of South Bristol by Leah Friends and Chris Miller. The pattern and colors were chosen for many reasons. The prominent yellow “X” marks the spot to Founders Cemetery where the Town Founder Gamiel Wilder is buried. Our newer town cemetery is adjacent to the historic cemetery. The Green triangles are for our beautiful hills, while the blue and gray colors are for our skies. The square represent our patchwork fields. The “flying geese” pattern represent all our wildlife here as our area is a great hunting ground. The navy blue is our nod to our abundant lake which supplies us all with food, recreation, water and natural beauty. The Barn was once a sheep farm – I am sure it could tell many stories. It is now empty but has a little new life going on around it after the addition of the barn quilt.

Address5809 State Route 64, Canandaigua