Stellar Tonsorium Star

Radiating with history, the building dates back to 1886 when it was originally framed as a pole barn and conveyed by Hiram and Mary Maxfield to Moses Griswold. It was renovated into a home in the mid-1920s, and served as Dillion’s Barbershop before being purchased in the 1980s by the current owner, Hollis Lawler, who established and presently operates Hollis Hair Salon. Thriving with activity, the building also houses Open Arms Yoga studio along with Hilltop Fellowship for Sunday services. The third floor has served as an apartment for many years, and in the fall of 2019, the first floor apartment was converted to an AirBnB rental. The red, white, and blue colors selected for the barn quilt block symbolizes the 1789 establishment of Naples in an everlasting expression of patriotism. The artist named this block “Stellar Tonsorium Star” simply because Stellar represents the outstanding service that Hollis provides for our community, Tonsorium is synonymous for Beauty Salon, and the Star pattern speaks for itself.

Address23 Mill Street, Naples